NH NORML Director to speak at NH Hempfest 2014

You’ll experience hoola performers & classes, body painting art, fire spinners, drum circles, tribal dancers and other amazing acts!

NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally 2014 is a major supporter of NH NORML. In addition to their gracious support with Donations & Advertising, NH Hempfest headliner Moonalice donated over 100 art concert posters to NH NORML, 30 of them uniquely signed. Guests of Hempfest will have an exclusive opportunity to donate to NH NORML for these selective pieces of wall art and other NH NORML giveaways.

NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally 2014 released it’s official lineup for the July 18-20 event in Croyden, NH. Headlining Moonalice, other major acts include Gang of Thieves, Casey Desmond, The McLovin’s, ESP, Wobblesauce, the 420 Comic, Sophistafunk, Gorilla Finger Dub and Many More! Accompanying the 3 day lineup will be guest speakers traveling throughout the country to join New Hampshire’s first official Hempfest this year.

Cannabis celebrities such as Harry Brown, Rob Robinson, Rich Paul, Ted Wright and our own NH NORML Director Erica Golter will be speaking this weekend.

Golter says, “There are power in numbers. We’re excited to be participating in this year’s New Hampshire Hemp Fest. It will be a great opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with NH NORML to learn about everything we’ve been able to offer to legalization efforts in New Hampshire since 2013.  For those who already know us, it will be a great way for us to reconnect and show them what we’ve been able to come through over the last several months. Just this past year, NH NORML has been wrapped tightly around a circle of New Hampshire legalization groups and a has been major part of New Hampshire making World news and National history. We’re very proud and this is just the beginning.”

Accompanying two speeches by Golter, one each on Friday and on Saturday, along with other inspirational speakers, performers and entertainers, NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally will also have late night DJ’s and other impressive entertainment you wont want to miss!

Beyond the schedule stuffed music and performers, there will be plenty more to see including vendors, caricatures and other artists like NH Hempfest 2014’s Visual Arts Village, which will feature top east & west coast psychedelic artists.

NH Hempfest Lineup 2014

To learn more about NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally 2014 or purchase tickets, click here.


About NH NORML Director Erica Golter

Erica Golter is a true cannabis activist and native of NH. Erica spent two years studying the history and science of cannabis while developing medical marijuana classes with Cannabis Career Institute, a traveling seminar of experts who offer a wide range of professional experience to provide all the tools necessary to run state compliant medical marijuana businesses. Erica has worked on progressing laws in Nevada for dispensary development and is currently offering direction to the NH State Cannabis Advisory Council in law and dispensary development. The NH State Cannabis Advisory Council includes several major NH state organizations such as the NH Department of Health & Human Services (NHDHHS), the NH Civil Liberties Union (NHCLU), and other state reps. Erica’s believes the compounds in the cannabis plant including phycocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are necessary for proper human endocannabinoid function and should be made available to all for the natural purpose of aiding in core system function and overall health. Erica Golter also an accomplished graphic designer, professional caricature artist and lifelong entrepreneur. She spends her time educating, lobbying and providing valuable resources for industry growth and patient rights.

Live Caricature Entertainment! My name is Erica and I draw people as cartoons! With 15 years of experience, I travel to NH, ME & MA and can draw up to 20 people an hour! Book now! Spots are filling fast! 603-332-9382 www.haveacartoonyou.com

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